smart eyes!

webb from warby parker

huxley from warby parker

miles from warby parker
 rio, cream tortoise shell from prism london

new york, clear from prism london

rome, clear from prism london

Selima Optique for J.Crew crystal-clear glasses from j.crew

spectacles once were my everyday wear when i was nearsighted. i didn't like them much at that time as they were an obstacle in my daily live. however, my mind was changed. i love and tempted to buy eyewear more than before lately as they are no longer the medical apparatus for me now (i have done intralace so i can see clear all the time) but i'm more than treat them as a fashion accessory. there is a wide choice in frame styles and color to match with your daily outfit, hairstyle and mood etc. i think they are the little statement or complement for a look, you could be easily looked chic with a pair of them. 

♥ p.s. suzy from beyond the pale has posted my bracelet in her blog post here. thanks so much suzy!


weekly note


i have enjoyed a relaxing weekend , just spent times to catch up with my beloved buddies, had a walk under the breezy sunshine abd did my favorite cooking and eating as usual. thanfully, there were no rain at all.

my facebook 24 hours blast sale was end in this afternoon, thank you so much for the great support from my lovely facebook fan customer. it's fun to arrange such blast sale, i'm sure i will do it again later.

and i have created another handmade collection these 2 days - a thin thread bracelet which included dark blue, pastel green and pastel pink. they are listed in store now.  

besides, many vintage lovelies are sitting behind me now. new listings are coming gradually.

so for now ... please have a peek of my new little jewlery creations and part of my vintage store preview first.

have a wonderful and productive week ahead, dear guys.


♥ p.s. cat from bride blu did a blog post about my braid necklace last friday. i thanks her so much! you could see it right here. and please visit cat's lovely blog also, i love her blog style too!


my new jewelry project + handmade jewelry store was reactivated !


i have attempted to make handmade pieces for myself since from my college times. i love to make jewelry as it's too fun to create a unique piece with my favorite materials and color which couldn't be found in the big shopping places.

i'm fond of simple jewelry for a long time. as i said from the previous blog post, i always love to match different pieces into a cluster or just wear one single piece. personally, i prefer an everyday necklace which could be gone with my various outfits, a subtle one could always easily become a statement on the look.

in fact, i have opened a little handmade jewelry store -- silent mint at the beginning of this year. since i have busied at my vintage shop in the last few months, i haven't worked much on it. now i have keeping bluesy mod vintage a bit on track so i could spend some times for making things and reactivataing the store.

i'm crazy around to do handmade pieces this week and finally i have got some of my little creative done! i can't wait to share with you guys a part of them here. apart from my vintage shop, i decide to focus on this jewerly store at the same time from now and possibly create a few items from time to time.

besides my store, i have also opened a page in facebook and signed up a twitter. updated news regarding silent mint will be posted there so please feel free to join me if you would like to get some updates of my handmade crafts.

dear all, happy friday and have a lovely weekend ahead!



weekly note

--------------------------------------------------------------------- ###

have starting a productive week after i have spent a lovely weekend with my family. thankfully, it was shiny these 2 days and am hoping the sun will be risen every day so could say goodbye to rainy and humid days. (but according to the weather report, it seems will be raining again this coming weekend ... boo ~) 

besides busy around to prepare the vintage goodies for adding into store as usual, i have picked up my little handmade jewelry project lately again. actually, i have getting some inspirations which arouse my creativity. i'm having some new ideas of making the little things ... and i will share with you guys very soon (hopefully i could have them finished in the next few days!)

have a fantastic week guys!



metallic jewelry

from left to right,
row 1 - vintage bow by jenny sheriff from dear fieldbinder / draugsvold bead & disc from dear fieldbinder/ draugsvold pyrite drops from dear fieldbinder  
row 2 - maria francesca pepe pink gold tubular necklace from amelie boutique / id letter necklace from bitters weets / wrap bracelet from calypso
row 3 - elena estaun medium washer bracelet from ancia boutique / poupette mini bead bracelet from ancia boutique
row 4 - heart and arrow bracelet from bitters weets / heart and arrow earrings from bitters weets / baby vamp rings from bitters weets

i just love to collect various styles of metallic jewelry. i have keeping the styles of simple, thin, bold, grunge etc. in my jewelry box, then layering them up into different clusters to match with the outfit on that day so i won't feel boring to wear them every time instead of only wear every single piece each time.


my first new girl

hurray ... HURRAY ~ i screamed ceaselessly yesterday when i just got my very first new dress form! i have tempted to buy one for a while of time. i was struggling as i wanted to make sure whether i really need one and where could i store it. finally i  made up my mind, i'm very very sure i want to present my new chapters of vintage pretty with a beautiful new "girl" ... since i found  my speed was seems too slow for listing new items in store while i was spending too much time on every single product shooting which was presented in peson, i believe i need to find a way to improve ... have a qualified presentation but which can be speed up ... so i confirmed my dress form order last week!  i can't wait to try about 10 dresses, tops and skirts etc. on it when i brought it back yesterday. it's just so perfect even more than i expected ... i couldn't help to clap my hands and croon a happy song, fortunately there was no one in the room at that moment. i'm planning to make a good use of this lovely one but i will still showing some clothing in person when an appropriate styling is needed for the presentation.

since i'm obtaining too many beautiful pieces faster than i can shoot photos of them, i will expedite the process from now on ... so please stay tuned, more and more new spring summer pretty things are coming right now!


spaces ♥ somewhere inspirational

big blossoms from sfgirlbybay

craft corner from roomenvy

nicoletter in germany from decor 8

domestic candy, hannover, germany from decor 8


melbourne home, beci orpin from the design files

gothenburg apartment from j.e.n.

the pretty places where are inspirational ... they just brightened up my mind.

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