New creation about fabric bag

A new category of handiwork has been created - fabric bag. I love to apply hand-stitched method on my little creations as I love it's primitive yet simple. And also, I am so obsessed with all embroidery, fabric and shimmery things always so inevitably cotton threads, different kinds of fabric, beads and rhinestones etc would be used. Two styles of fabric bag have been made and some new ideas have run out in my mind already. I will experiment on it, more bags will be coming soon.

Those fabric bags could be found in the etsy shop. Or see our facebook page for new updates.



The first hand assembled clothing at Bluesy Mod

Just finished! The first hand assembled clothing at Bluesy Mod - a plain black cotton blend cardigan that I assemebled the red buttons and hand stitched embroidery badge on it. For this one, it's one-off piece, I'm quite pleased with it. What do you think?

I have already put it in my etsy shop, take a look of it for details if you have an interest. Have a good weekend all!


My Label

Yeah ~ my custom-made woven labels were just arrived today. They look perfect as I thought which I have kept it in a very Bluesy Mod style --- simple and sober. Can't wait to use it on my Bluesy Mod pieces!


New Creations are coming again ~

Finally, I could manage the time and start making handmade little things again ... finally ... New pieces will be added in my Etsy Shop gradually. =)


Sale on Selected Items in Bluesy Mod

Part of ON SALE items below ... 

I just want to yell out our store is ON SALE for selected items now ... !! And purchase for more than 2 discount  items in each transaction could get extra 10% off ... !!


happy time in Korea

Came back from the Korea trip last week and just have time to write a post now. Buying and eating a lot during this trip, and the most great thing is I had a wonderful time with all my dear buddies. Can't wait for our next happy journey girls!

Btw, store was resumed to normal. New fashion items are added in store day by day and I am going to pick up and start making my handmade little things again. Just drop by to look around if you have an interest.

Hope you all are doing well and have a good week ahead!

 On me : mool story company polka dots vest top --- at Bluesy Mod ;
black cotton mini pencil skirts --- from H&M ;
black cotton leggings --- at Bluesy Mod

 the memory of childhood

 Me : quirky shopping bag big vest top --- at Bluesy Mod ;
lepard print cotton shawl --- from H&M ;
black cotton harem pants --- at Bluesy Mod

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