happy time in Korea

Came back from the Korea trip last week and just have time to write a post now. Buying and eating a lot during this trip, and the most great thing is I had a wonderful time with all my dear buddies. Can't wait for our next happy journey girls!

Btw, store was resumed to normal. New fashion items are added in store day by day and I am going to pick up and start making my handmade little things again. Just drop by to look around if you have an interest.

Hope you all are doing well and have a good week ahead!

 On me : mool story company polka dots vest top --- at Bluesy Mod ;
black cotton mini pencil skirts --- from H&M ;
black cotton leggings --- at Bluesy Mod

 the memory of childhood

 Me : quirky shopping bag big vest top --- at Bluesy Mod ;
lepard print cotton shawl --- from H&M ;
black cotton harem pants --- at Bluesy Mod


  1. How fun! :D I really want to visit Korea in the summer one day! Was it difficult getting around? I know they don't speak much english...

  2. Ana, Korea is really a lovely place to go. =)

  3. lynnette, Ya, I have got much fun in Korea!! To be honest, it's really a bit difficult getting around there as most of the Korean didn't speak in English but they are very friendly and love to offer help to foreign visitors.


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